Friday, March 6, 2009

You are not my Momma

So lately when Mom leaves poor little Brooklyn alone with dad she has a fit....I didn't even know babies could really have fits so early. She is 2 months old now so I guess anything is possible. Anyway so Dad feeds her and after an hour of fighting to get her to finish the bottle she is still so mad that dad is about to lose his mind. When mom FINALLY gets home she finds Brooklyn crying like it's the end of the world, so what is mom's instant reaction, to pick her up and comfort her....good or bad idea? Brooklyn realizes it's mom and is totally calm, no crying, just relieved. Mom proceeds to give her a bath and baby loves it then hates it when it's time to get out and put lotion on....the worst part of it all, she screams. As mom puts on her pj's and wraps her up in a nice warm blanket she starts to sing to her precious little Brooklyn and she is asleep in no time. The magic touch of mommy, can't beat that! Here is a picture of Brooklyn sleeping so soundly.

By the way Clarke was so ticked off. He told me that he can't handle the constant crying, but I can't really blame him, I couldn't either. I just hope that for everyone who watches her when I go back to work esp. Clarke she does Ok for them.

The night before I left to go work out and he told me that she cried the whole time I was gone then too. But he gave her a bath and she was so happy, so he took his time and ten min later got her out and what did she do? She screamed and screamed. The bath was so soothing to her she never wanted to get out, but I can't really blame her there either because I love baths. Anyway so he calms her down and she goes to sleep. I feel so bad....Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Stephen & Jill Williams said...

Lilybeth is okay with Stephen, but definitely prefers her Mama and Daddy to anyone else. I've dropped her off for someone else to watch her for an hour, and was told she was very upset the entire time. It's just something they need to outgrow. I think giving them as much opportunity to be held and cuddled by other people while you're still in the room is a good start.

Annette Rogers said...

Tell Clarke just to hang on. Unfortunately, Jeremy is still Cambrie's second choice. The temper tantrums have calmed down a bit, but still there. Jeremy's new solution is to always play with her even when I'm home...I don't know if it works or not though. Good luck, we feel your pain.