Sunday, March 1, 2009

BriNg On tHe GRe

Clarke is applying for Grad school this week and part of the requirement for applying is taking the GRE (Graduate Recorders Exam). He is super nervous to take it. It is scheduled for Thursday March 5th. I am so excited for him to make this super scary, exciting, challenging step in his life. I know he will do his best and do it well. He is a VERY, EXTREMELY smart guy and I have no doubt he will pass and get accepted. (if that is was is supposed to happen for him). He is applying for the Weed Science YES my husband will be a Weed Scientist. Sounds a little strange I know, but he is in LOVE with the outdoors and soil so I can't stop him. LOL No I'm happy if he's happy!
If he gets accepted then he will start school again in the fall. But throughout the summer he will be working on a project for his grad program that will last him the whole 2 years. Sometimes he wonders if he should of done Engineering or something in the Medical field so I tell him that it isn't to late to change his mind but it would be a little tough if he had to go to school for like 5 more years. But it would be worth it in the long run. He really is happy with his decision though and that is all that matters. I just want him to be happy esp with what he will doing for the rest of his life. I love him so much and am so proud of him and his hard work. He is amazing!