Friday, March 6, 2009

First injury

So moms usually trim down their babies nails when they get to long right? Well thats what I thought I was doing until I wasn't paying close attention and the next thing I know Brooklyn is screaming and there is blood running down her finger. Mom clipped her skin on accident. Oh I felt so bad! She only cried for less then a min and was fine, she is a tough little chick.....!
We needed to put something on it so it wouldn't get infected so Clarke took a band aid and fixed it to baby size (somehow) and put it on her little tiny finger with some antibacterial onti.
You could tell it was bugging her, needless to say it didn't stay on long. But it has healed nicely and she is fine. Here is a picture.


Keri said...

That is the worst feeling...knowing you hurt your little one! They are very tough when it comes to pain. Missed you last night at scouts!

Stephen & Jill Williams said...

Stephen did this to Lucy when she was a baby. Well, duh - he was using TOE NAIL clippers! He thought it would be faster that way. She has no memory of it, and loves to have her nails clipped now.