Monday, March 30, 2009

Work day

Work today was seriously not cool. It reminded me of how great I had it back in the day when I stayed home with Brooklyn....only two months ago. I wish I could stay home with BRooklyn and take care of her, teach her things and not have to worry about the drama that goes on outside of the at work. But I'm over it now and I really do love my job just some days are definatly better then others.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brooklyn's Blessings Day

(I am slightly behind on posting this....I have been so busy with starting back at work, catching up with my sleep, takin care of sweet little Brookee, running errands you get the pictua.)

Clarke blessed Brooklyn On Sunday, March 15, 2009.

He gave such a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful for this gospel and the wonderful blessing is it is our lives. I'm grateful that my husband holds the priesthood and is worthy to bless our baby, what a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful father and father in Heaven!
A lot of our family and friends came, I couldn't believe it, people kept coming in the chapel after we had started, most of them family and friends, sorry bishop! Some even had to stay out in the waiting room. When I walked out of the chapel after sacrament meeting was over, the whole waiting area was completly full of people, mostly our family and friends. I was amazed at how many people came. It was so overwelming, I was so grateful that they all came up to share this special day with us. Some came as far away as Washington and California and as close as Syracuse and Ogden. Where ever and however long you traveled to get here we are so grateful to you for coming and we loved having you here. We love doing these things. Family get togethers are my absolute favorite thing in the world.
We didn't have anywhere to hold the traditional luncheon except our little condo in which we successfully pulled off with crunched family and friends. Lets just say we all got to know eachother a little better that day! I wish I would have taken a picture of how many people were in our house. I couldn't believe it. Everywhere you looked there were people and food and more people and more food even up stairs and some outside. Some even left because they couldn't get to the food, I really felt bad about that! But I'm glad that it worked out and everyone seemed to enjoy themseleves and the sweet star of the day! Here are some sweet things I was able to capture.


Niece Kati

Me and my nephew Jett He looks a little scared

Jett and Brooklyn

My brother Brandon, his wife Cory and Brooklyn

My other brother Tyler and his daughter Kati

Clarke's boys....they were so nice and cleaned up our mess, and we didn't even ask them to..Thanks dudes. Your awesome!

All of us
Brothers and Sisters in law and our kids....missing my nephew London

I love this picture of Brooklyn and I. We look so sweet!

Brooklyn modeling She is going to make it!

Mom and Brooklyn

Dad and Brooklyn

Our family

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tummy Time

The doc tells us that we need to impliment tummy here are some sweet shoots of the babe at work. She doesn't like being on her tummy at all. she can tolerate it for maybe a min. Doesn't she look splendid.

P.S. Little Brookee is going bald and to get rid of it we also need to do more of this tummy time business!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First day back to work

Yesterday was my first day back to work! Lets just say I was a little overwelmed. I was so sad when I left the house at 4 in the morning I cried, then I cried as I drove to work and then I cried again as I walked over the Mother baby and Labor and delivery unit to draw some blood. I was able to pull it together and it turned out to be a good day back! I wasn't to worried about Brookee bc Clarke's mom had her and I knew she was in good hands. I was just sad that I couldn't be with her but everything worked out and it was ok.
I was also worried that I wouldn't remember how to do my job. There were some things that I did have to freshin up on but I was able to draw blood like I had been doing it for years, So that made me happy and my co-workers really appreciated it....LOL! I love my jobs so much, it was nice to be back but I love being home with Brooklyn too. it's so hard to know what is the right thing to do; should I work and keep the insurance or is it best for our family if I don't work and take care of things around the house and possibly qualify for medicaid or nothing at all?? What is a family to do.....? We just do the best we can with what we are given!!!!!
Brooklyn is the best baby in the world and is changing so much everyday, I don't want to miss out on anything. I just love her so much!!!!!!! I feel like she has to get to know me all over again. That hurts a little....I'm sure that is not intirely true tho but it feels that way bc I was gone for 13 hours yesterday!!!! We will work at it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

2 month well check up

Brooklyn had her 2 month check up with doc Mckenna today.
She is 9 pounds 12oz (25 percentile) and 22 inches long(15 percentile).
Still just a tiny little girly. She still fits into her newborn clothes. She had to get all of her shots today too, I felt so bad for her I almost cried. When they gave her the shots her face went bright red and purple and she screamed so loud for a min then calmed down, I seriously was about to cry but they did everything so fast and she did so good. She is one tough little girl. She was starving too, I was trying to wait to feed her after the shots so eating would calm her down and make her feel better. We also gave her some tylenol and she ate that right up. She took a 3 hour nap after she ate and is doing great. I think her thighs are a little sore because every time I change her diaper or touch them she gets mad. I'm sure they will be a little tender over the next couple of days. We sure do love her though she is the best little baby and such a joy to have in our home. We are so blessed to have her.
Here she is with mom and dad at the doc office.

Friday, March 6, 2009

You are not my Momma

So lately when Mom leaves poor little Brooklyn alone with dad she has a fit....I didn't even know babies could really have fits so early. She is 2 months old now so I guess anything is possible. Anyway so Dad feeds her and after an hour of fighting to get her to finish the bottle she is still so mad that dad is about to lose his mind. When mom FINALLY gets home she finds Brooklyn crying like it's the end of the world, so what is mom's instant reaction, to pick her up and comfort her....good or bad idea? Brooklyn realizes it's mom and is totally calm, no crying, just relieved. Mom proceeds to give her a bath and baby loves it then hates it when it's time to get out and put lotion on....the worst part of it all, she screams. As mom puts on her pj's and wraps her up in a nice warm blanket she starts to sing to her precious little Brooklyn and she is asleep in no time. The magic touch of mommy, can't beat that! Here is a picture of Brooklyn sleeping so soundly.

By the way Clarke was so ticked off. He told me that he can't handle the constant crying, but I can't really blame him, I couldn't either. I just hope that for everyone who watches her when I go back to work esp. Clarke she does Ok for them.

The night before I left to go work out and he told me that she cried the whole time I was gone then too. But he gave her a bath and she was so happy, so he took his time and ten min later got her out and what did she do? She screamed and screamed. The bath was so soothing to her she never wanted to get out, but I can't really blame her there either because I love baths. Anyway so he calms her down and she goes to sleep. I feel so bad....Has this ever happened to anyone else?

First injury

So moms usually trim down their babies nails when they get to long right? Well thats what I thought I was doing until I wasn't paying close attention and the next thing I know Brooklyn is screaming and there is blood running down her finger. Mom clipped her skin on accident. Oh I felt so bad! She only cried for less then a min and was fine, she is a tough little chick.....!
We needed to put something on it so it wouldn't get infected so Clarke took a band aid and fixed it to baby size (somehow) and put it on her little tiny finger with some antibacterial onti.
You could tell it was bugging her, needless to say it didn't stay on long. But it has healed nicely and she is fine. Here is a picture.

2 Months old ToDaY

Wow! Brooklyn is two months old today. Gosh times goes by so fast.
Here are some things she has been doing lately.
*Smiling so big that she almost laughs
*Lifts her head up and looks around
*Grabs on to things
*Moves around like crazy
*Has her own little vocabulary....ahh laa
*LOVES taking's like her favorite thing to do!
*Loves her momma and dadda

Here are some sweet pictures of our little Brooklyn Grace these days!

She is getting so BIG....I can't believe how 2 months has changed our lives forever. We love our little girl so much!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


my AbSoLuTe FaVoRiTe position

BriNg On tHe GRe

Clarke is applying for Grad school this week and part of the requirement for applying is taking the GRE (Graduate Recorders Exam). He is super nervous to take it. It is scheduled for Thursday March 5th. I am so excited for him to make this super scary, exciting, challenging step in his life. I know he will do his best and do it well. He is a VERY, EXTREMELY smart guy and I have no doubt he will pass and get accepted. (if that is was is supposed to happen for him). He is applying for the Weed Science YES my husband will be a Weed Scientist. Sounds a little strange I know, but he is in LOVE with the outdoors and soil so I can't stop him. LOL No I'm happy if he's happy!
If he gets accepted then he will start school again in the fall. But throughout the summer he will be working on a project for his grad program that will last him the whole 2 years. Sometimes he wonders if he should of done Engineering or something in the Medical field so I tell him that it isn't to late to change his mind but it would be a little tough if he had to go to school for like 5 more years. But it would be worth it in the long run. He really is happy with his decision though and that is all that matters. I just want him to be happy esp with what he will doing for the rest of his life. I love him so much and am so proud of him and his hard work. He is amazing!