Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brooklyn is 18 months today

Wow where did the time go. I haven't updated my blog in like a century, I'm having my second baby in less then 6 weeks and my baby girl is 18 months old.. I have enjoyed most of every min with my sweet little girl. She is super fun and makes me laugh allthe time. Lately when she wakes up she points to the window and says what's that over and over again. Brooklyn says so many things and does so many things. I can't even count them all. I wish I could remember them all too. but here are a few of the things I can remember.

-says hi and bye
please and thank you
momma and dadda and knows exactly who we are
yes and no
-trys to say buckle
luv you
whats that
nanna (banana)
uh oh
d (for uncle Derek)
B (for Bri..me LOL )
gampa or papa
the letter Y - I know random- we have those foam letters that go in the bath and I taught her how to say Y and now she thinks all the foam letters are "Y" it's pretty cute.
I'm sure there is more but that is all Clarke and I could come up with right now.. She is so smart
She knows there is a baby in my belly. I have been pointing to my belly for a while now and saying baby and she will come over and point at it and say baby and now I ask her what is in mommas tummy and she says baby and comes over and lifts up my shirt and points at it. It's super cute.
She knows how to get on and off of her bike.
she is obsessed with opening and closing any door. She loves to help daddy in the garage and doesn't mind getting all dirty. She picks ball caps (hats) and puts them on backwards. so stinkin cute. I will post pictures later.
Even tho I wanted this post to be about mostly Brooklyn I better say some other things to so yo peps don't get so bored. Maybe it's to late for that haha
This baby is growing so fast and moves around like no ones business. I love it, well most of the time. He is everywhere but mostly hangs out on the right, where Brooklyn did. He thinks it's just awesome to kick my in the groin, esp when I am walking around. Well I need to go to bed I will continue this post along with adding some pictures later..