Thursday, December 17, 2009

taken a toll

Just wanted to check it out and see who reads my BLOG..
So I would LOVE it if you left your name or a comment if you come visit my awesome or not so awesome BloG. Thanks alot!!

Peace ~ Love ~ Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let is Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

It has been snowing so much lately, I'm just glad it's not twelve below anymore..holy crap that is enough to make you cry! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow ...not so much LOVE that I don't have much a husband lately. He is out in this freezing cold weather making some extra cash for his beautiful family. I must say though that we are pretty grateful for this weather. I know right, your all cursing me. We have been able to make some extra Christmas money by Clarke plowing all the time. I miss having a husband around though. I'm not used to him being gone so much. But it will be worth it.

We always LOVE the Christmas Season around here. I swear I way to many Decorations for Christmas. But whats to many eh...I LOVE all of them and will not be giving any away anytime soon. Here are some fun pictures of what Christmas looks like at our house.

So at church today Little Miss Brooklyn was playing and decided to try and put her own sock on and put her bow on her head.. So dang cute. Clarke and I were like how in the world does she know so much. She is one smart little thang. We just LOVE her so much. She also crawls, as one of my greatest friends puts it, Like one of those broken toys on Toy Story. I'll video tape it and post it later. It is freakin hilarious. Everyone always comments on it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

11 months

Brooklyn is 11 months today! WHAT? That means that she will be a year in one month... ya I had to do the math too. JK I just can't believe it. She is learning so much and collecting info like a sponge. I am so grateful for my (prob) 15 lb baby G. what a little skinny minny but I could just eat her.
THings she has been doing this last little while.

-climbing on everything
-into everything
-says momma and dadda (mostly dadda)
-ease (please)
-thanx (thanks, only sometimes)
-puts things back where she found them
-can crawl up the stairs
-LOVES food
-cuddles up next to her pink Giaraffe (thanks Leah), her elephant, and her bunny blanket
-gives the cutest hugs
-LOVES books
-crawls over to us pulls on our pant leg and begs like a puppy
still doesn't fully laugh like she only did's the cutest laugh ever and I really really want to hear it again....I don't know what else I can do to get her to do it again, I've tryed everything.
-walks around the table while holding on all by herself
-got her 7th tooth, the 4 top teeth came in at the same time when she was about 10 months
-had her first ice cream cone

I'm sure I'll think of more later but for now this should do.. Enjoy

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This year we had Thanksgiving with Clarke's family in Roy. This was Brooklyn's first Thanksgiving, she enjoyed most of it but by the time the food was ready she was pooped and so onrey.. she needed a nap so bad. so after we both wrestled with her she went to sleep in daddas arms. My grandmaa had a pinyada for the kids and there was lots of yummy treats inside. I am so grateful for my family and all that I have. I am so very blessed. Also Clarkes brothers girlfriend came to visit us for Thanksgiving. Can I say that I would claim her as a sister even if they don't get married. I seriously LOVE her. She is awesome and us 4 girls would have A LOT of fun. I was SO SO sad when she had to go back to Nebraska and so was my bro in law. Never seen the poor guy so sad. It's only a matter of time!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slow cooker

So I know that I am not the greatest at updating my blog.... I have been and always am busy....ya ya ya whatev right!!! My goal is to blog about something at least once a week. There are lots of cool things that go on in our fun-filled lives that I'm sure you are all just dieing to read about, so with that being said here is an update on what has been going on in our most awesome lives here in Logan, Utah!!

A Xmas wreath I made out of xmas bulbs... My friend Nikki gave me the idea and we made ours together I should have taken a picture of hers, we both liked each others better..ha ha

another project I had a lot of fun with! Clarke cut out my wood pieces and I painted them and glued on the letters.

"What, did I do something wrong momma, or dada"

Brooklyn LOVES the Sunday newspaper just as much as we do, only I think she has more fun!

yet another fun project I did.. same thing as the Winter one.

My awesome Friends and their awesome crafts they made on Craft DAY... Whit and Brooke

My other awesome friend Nikki and Brooke

Brooklyn also LOVES the fridge, what baby doesn't?

She loves the glass as well....what doesn't she love... I constantly am telling her no no when she sticks her fingers in the VCR and DVD player but she doesn't ever listen.

Practicing her snyper skills... this was after we took off her costume.

Clarke went on a four wheeling trip with one of his buddies a couple weekends ago and came home covered in MUD..but he a blast

Brooklyn absolutely LOVES to play in this drawer in the kitchen...Don't give her any grief.

Brooklyn gets to take baths as a big girl now. She no longer needs the little baby tub...she was able to grow just a little bit more to move on, skinny little stinker..

Learning to brush her 7 teeth....ya my 10 in a half month old (soon to be 11 months) has '7' teeth...and YES I am still nursing ha ha, but I didn't say it was the most fun thing and most pain free thing...I do it for the baby. I know I am such a super mom!

Loves her Graham crackers oh so much! She can't get enough of these and she eats them so well. I guess I don't see how see couldn't with all those beautiful teeth she has!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th

Just wanted to post something for Friday the 13th..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween '09

This Halloween not only do we or should I say 'I' (Clarke doesn't really dress up) get to dress up but we have a little sweetie to get all prettyed up as well. Might I say it was a Blast-o. Brooklyn was a Ladybug, and a cute one at that! I borrowed my friends daughters costume that she wore last year. I had to work on Halloween and by the time I got home I was so exhausted I just wanted to take a nap. Clarke went four wheeling with his friend and Brooklyn took a hour nap...not long enough. So by the time we got around to getting stuff together for our wards trunk-or-treat it was pretty much over and Clarke wasn't back yet. We did get some candy and got to see some fun costumes. Our friends, Nikki and Kade dressed up as a bunny and a trapper and dressed their little boy up as a skunk. So dang cute. They looked awesome and Brooklyn was terrified of Kade, She knows him well but he looked a little scary to her. after the trunk or treat Clarke and I decided to go out to dinner to Texas Road House. MMMmm Good..LOVE that place. Then we went back home put Brooklyn to bed and went to our next door neighbors to watch Disturbia. A couple weeks before Halloween my friend Karen Kelly threw a party. It was so much fun, we had a lot of fun. I dressed up as Pippy Long stocking. Whit dressed up as a motorcycle thug person, karen was a jypsy, Jenny Ringer was a patient at the hospital with the huge butts that stick out of the gown, Charlette Gardner was a jypsy as well. It was prety fun. I made this sweet scarcrow cake..Clarke did most of it so I could get ready...What a sweet hubby! It turned out pretty dang good. The fir before Halloween I worked and was like one of the only ones who dressed up...dumb people, it's the one day you can wear whatever you want and have fun with it....come on.. I dressed up as a Cowgirl. It was pretty cute. I borrowed my friends cute cowgirl boots and belt. Clarke and I got around to carving our pumpkins too, I love carving pumpkins, it's AwEsOmE.
All in all it was a really fun halloween. I didn't dress up on halloween because I was dressed up out. Just to exhausted. Hope you all had a great halloween. Here are some pictures of our Halloween greatness!!

all of us..and Brooklyn dressed up as a Ladybug

Clarke's aunt gave us this outfit, it kinda makes her look like a boy... Clarke's dad told us that we had to put it on Brooklyn and least here ya go Glen hehe

Isn't my hat dang awesome

Me and Whit

Me and the Scarcrow cake

Clarke getting ready to carve his pumpkin

Gettin ready to put my mad carving skills to use

Julie, Carrie-a zombie, and me

Me and my budda Juie...she says she was the ghost of ghosts past..not really sure what that is and neither did she haha

My friend Carmel from work made this Brain mold, it's just peach jello. I couldn't bring myself to eat it.

our sAweet pumplins..Mine is the boring face on the right and Clarke is the Cool one

My Cowgirl outfit

Clarke showing off his mad baking skills....

Clarke's beautiful homemade delicious pizza

Umm excuse me