Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slow cooker

So I know that I am not the greatest at updating my blog.... I have been and always am busy....ya ya ya whatev right!!! My goal is to blog about something at least once a week. There are lots of cool things that go on in our fun-filled lives that I'm sure you are all just dieing to read about, so with that being said here is an update on what has been going on in our most awesome lives here in Logan, Utah!!

A Xmas wreath I made out of xmas bulbs... My friend Nikki gave me the idea and we made ours together I should have taken a picture of hers, we both liked each others better..ha ha

another project I had a lot of fun with! Clarke cut out my wood pieces and I painted them and glued on the letters.

"What, did I do something wrong momma, or dada"

Brooklyn LOVES the Sunday newspaper just as much as we do, only I think she has more fun!

yet another fun project I did.. same thing as the Winter one.

My awesome Friends and their awesome crafts they made on Craft DAY... Whit and Brooke

My other awesome friend Nikki and Brooke

Brooklyn also LOVES the fridge, what baby doesn't?

She loves the glass as well....what doesn't she love... I constantly am telling her no no when she sticks her fingers in the VCR and DVD player but she doesn't ever listen.

Practicing her snyper skills... this was after we took off her costume.

Clarke went on a four wheeling trip with one of his buddies a couple weekends ago and came home covered in MUD..but he a blast

Brooklyn absolutely LOVES to play in this drawer in the kitchen...Don't give her any grief.

Brooklyn gets to take baths as a big girl now. She no longer needs the little baby tub...she was able to grow just a little bit more to move on, skinny little stinker..

Learning to brush her 7 teeth....ya my 10 in a half month old (soon to be 11 months) has '7' teeth...and YES I am still nursing ha ha, but I didn't say it was the most fun thing and most pain free thing...I do it for the baby. I know I am such a super mom!

Loves her Graham crackers oh so much! She can't get enough of these and she eats them so well. I guess I don't see how see couldn't with all those beautiful teeth she has!


Jonathan and Chelsea said...

BRI!!! What ever happened to our crafts nights we were going to have! My house is in need of some crafty love!! And Brook is cute as ever.. We all need to go out again.. Maybe next week sometime. Have your peeps get in touch with my peeps and we'll make it happen!

Brad. Lindsay. Logan. Jules. said...

Bri she is so darn cute. Hey we are coming to logan next weekend. we want to see you and we also need to find someone to watch our kids on sat night so we can go to brad's work christmas social. If you can help out at all please please let me know. There are only so many people I am confortable asking. Either way, i want to see you though and finally meet brookyn. email me k or call or 208-830-1491.