Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here are some pictures of how my belly is looking these days. Depending on what I am wearing makes the difference in how big I look.
Brown shirt: 16 weeks
Pink shirt: 15 Weeks
Yellow shirt: 19 weeks
Greent shirt: 19 weeks

Boy or Girl

Most of you know already but On wed. the the 6th of Aug. we went to the doc again to find out what we are having, a Boy or a Girl. I was pretty sure it was a boy. Every time we went to the store all I would look at is the boy clothes because I was set on having a boy, just a feeling I had. However during our ultra sound the lady told us it was a GIRL. I was like what, are you sure. She said Oh Yeah, I am 100% sure, I would defantly buy pink for sure she said. She explained all we needed to know about how she figured it was a girl to help us see for ourselves. It was absolutly insane and so incredible. Clarke wanted a girl first and I really was fine with whatever gender it was, as long as it is healthy. But I was totally wrong, hahaha Oh well maybe i'll have a boy someday. We are way way excited needless to say.

St. George

2 weekends ago we took a much needed trip to St. George. It was so much fun! We left on Friday after work and then came home on Monday. We didn't do a ton, just mostly hung out with family and shopped. We did drive to Zion's Canyon; it's only 25 miles away from Clarkes parents did we not know that before? Anyway it was a way pretty drive, The mountains there are incredible I never seen such beautiful peaks and mountains we loved it. We didn't drive through the canyon because it was sunday and we didn't want to pay $25 to go through, Maybe another day. We also didn't have air condtioning so I thought I would be dieing of heat or get way sick, but we had lots of cold water and stayed pretty well dehyradted, I was just fine, it wasn't bad at all. We had a blast. It's always fun to visit places like that. Here are some pictures of the beauty! Oh and there was a field of Moose. It was awesome!