Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boy or Girl

Most of you know already but On wed. the the 6th of Aug. we went to the doc again to find out what we are having, a Boy or a Girl. I was pretty sure it was a boy. Every time we went to the store all I would look at is the boy clothes because I was set on having a boy, just a feeling I had. However during our ultra sound the lady told us it was a GIRL. I was like what, are you sure. She said Oh Yeah, I am 100% sure, I would defantly buy pink for sure she said. She explained all we needed to know about how she figured it was a girl to help us see for ourselves. It was absolutly insane and so incredible. Clarke wanted a girl first and I really was fine with whatever gender it was, as long as it is healthy. But I was totally wrong, hahaha Oh well maybe i'll have a boy someday. We are way way excited needless to say.


Annette Rogers said...

Congratulations! I hope you didn't have her room painted blue already :)

Tori said...

A girl would be a lot of fun! I am excited for you guys!