Sunday, October 11, 2009

9 Month check up

So I took Brooklyn to her 9 month check up on Thur the 8th of Oct. and she came out at 14 lbs 12.5 oz (5%) and 27 in (30%.) She gained ONE pound in 3 months.....UHHH there is something wrong with this picture and I'm pretty sure the doc was going to let me hear about it. LOL So what happens; The doctor walks in the room and says we need to talk, I was like oh crap here we go... He asked if I was still nursing, I said yes and he said to put a couple tablespoons of formula in her milk to get some more fat in her diet. He also told me he wanted me to give her more fat and protein and we can start feeding her our food. So when we eat she eats too. It has been a really fun thing so far to be able to feed her table food. She really REALLY likes it to. I give her banana's to eat and she just loves those. She does really well with eating. So far I have given her bread, banana's, rice, corn, chicken, mashed potatoes, yogart, cottage cheese and a little chocolate. She loves all of them. It is so fun to watch her eat and learn new things. She is also almost crawling...What the..she is an army crawler for now but almost has it's fun to watch her. I love my job!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tony Grove Lake

For our honeymoon we went camping at Tony Grove Lake....(then there was no lake it was under construction). We decided to make it a tradition that we would go up there every year on or around our anniversary to see the fall colors. This year it was pretty cold up there I thought at one point Brooklyn was going to cry, needless to say we didn't stay to long. Last year there was a lot of snow and we had our dog Maggie with us and I had a big Pregnant belly. This year we had Brooklyn and Clarke's bro Derek.

Brett and Jentry's wedding day

My sister in law's brother Brett got married on September 19th. They were so incredibly happy and looked to beautiful. We were glad we could share their special day with them.

Last day in the sun at Bear Lake

Our friends Whit and Ty invited us to go up to Bear Lake with them and some other friends of ours. It was a blast and Brooklyn loved it. She would get a hand full of sand and then try to eat it...sound good to anyone else..ya not! I had to help her so she wouldn't eat all of the sand/mud. She loves the water and the feel of the sand on her feet can't blame her, so do I. Best most relaxing feeling on your feet. Here are some pictures for ya.

Brooklyn relaxin with Dadda

Brooklyn takin a nap

Brooke, Me, Brooklyn and Whit

All of us

Welcome Home D'Money aka Derek

Derek, Clarke's brother came home from his mission on Sep 6th. We were so freakin excited to see him. He is doing great and lovin being home. He has been staying with us while he works up here in Logan until it starts snowing and can't work outside anymore. We have enjoyed having him here and spending time with him, He is AWESOME...

Derek and his best friend Chris...they are practically brothers they were born on the same day same hospital..pretty crazy

Brooklyn getting to know her new uncle she never knew she had. How do you think it's going so far

Aunty Celeste with Brooklyn..she is pretty cozy with her aunt she loves her...

Clarke and I decided our JEEP needed a lift and some new tires. So we took some money and did just that. Here are the before and after pictures. We love it. It is pretty sweet. I have to grap the side handle and then jump and pull myself up at the same time, it's kinda funny but I love it and feel pretty cool driving it.

After the lift and new tires

Before the lift and tires

Road Trip

We went on a few road trips in Aug. one trip to St. George to surprise Clarke's family and the other to Manti to visit Clarke's grandma, aunt and uncle and cousins. The fair was going on that weekend and we LOVE the we couldn't not go.

Brooklyn is going to be a gymnast someday

These are HUGE windmills at the mouth of the Price canyon..they are pretty sweet when your right up next to them.

Brooklyn LoVEd the bunnies

We saw this big fire on our way to St. George

We also went up to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. I didn't get to go to the Open house and I hadn't seen it so we decided to go up and see it. It a beautiful Temple.

Kati's 1st Birthday

Kati is my neice. My Brother Tyler's little girl. She turned 1 one July 30th. Such a cutie. We love her and her Big Brother Jet, We all have so much fun together. To bad they live in West Point and we live all the way up here in Logan.

Kati eatin her Yummy cake...she didn't really get it all over the place she was a good clean eater....LOL

This was the best pic I could get with all three of the kids all together. All doin their own thing....

Kati and Brooklyn playing together...sorta

Brooklyn loved Kati's new toy...we better get her some new toys.

I think this is Brooklyn's new spot...she looks pretty cozy.

First time in High chair...July 30th Pretty much 7 months

First time in a chair of her own at olive Garden out with the girls.

Catch Upa

I have been so bad at keeping my blog updated. There are so many things that we have done but so little time to get the word out. I feel like all I do is GO GO GO and never have time for myself. I go to work all day 3 days a week, then run errands, take care and hang out with Brooklyn, visit with friends, and go out of town on my days off. Hopefully now that the weather has changed I can get back into the norm of life and learn to take it easy and stay home. I finally got around to cleaning the rest of my house today. There are so many things I really really want to do but wonder where I will find the energy to do them all. I don't know how women do all that they do or where they find the energy to do them. I want to make a quilt for Brooklyn, put some crafts together, make some flower arrangements, spruce up my home a little bit, and most of all be a better mom for Brooklyn.
The next few posts will be about what has been goin on with us in our awesome lives. Feel free to skip or read which ever you want. LoveA Peps!