Sunday, October 11, 2009

9 Month check up

So I took Brooklyn to her 9 month check up on Thur the 8th of Oct. and she came out at 14 lbs 12.5 oz (5%) and 27 in (30%.) She gained ONE pound in 3 months.....UHHH there is something wrong with this picture and I'm pretty sure the doc was going to let me hear about it. LOL So what happens; The doctor walks in the room and says we need to talk, I was like oh crap here we go... He asked if I was still nursing, I said yes and he said to put a couple tablespoons of formula in her milk to get some more fat in her diet. He also told me he wanted me to give her more fat and protein and we can start feeding her our food. So when we eat she eats too. It has been a really fun thing so far to be able to feed her table food. She really REALLY likes it to. I give her banana's to eat and she just loves those. She does really well with eating. So far I have given her bread, banana's, rice, corn, chicken, mashed potatoes, yogart, cottage cheese and a little chocolate. She loves all of them. It is so fun to watch her eat and learn new things. She is also almost crawling...What the..she is an army crawler for now but almost has it's fun to watch her. I love my job!


Jonathan and Chelsea said...

She is so cute!!!! We all need to go out to dinner one night, We keep saying it, maybe one day we will actually do it!!

Kas said...

I can't believe she's 9 months already!!! This is how old Dakota was when she was born! Ok, almost 10 months, but still!!!! And yes, you need to fatten 'er up! :)