Friday, May 22, 2009

Check this out!

I was going thro some pictures and found this and thought I would take a picture of what my ankle looks like now to compare it to what it looked like when I was prego and this is the results.....

This is what happens when you are on your feet 24/7 all throughout your Pregnancy. VeRy SwOllEn ankles.

.....And this is what happens a few months after birth when things are back to normal and your still on your feet 24/7.

Pretty crazy huh?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Moms days off I......

Play With Mommy

Hang out with my awesome friend Miya Brandley

Go for walks with Mommy...

and Take four good 2 hour naps.....wait i do that everyday at least thats what mommy thinks!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's day and Happy Birthday

We went down to St.George this weekend for Mother's day and Clarke's grad and bithday celebration. We left Fri afternoon when clarke got home from his meeting with the grad program and when Brooklyn and I finished up at the doc. (she had to get her 4 month shots, she did DANG good!)
Brooklyn did surprisly well on her first 6 hour car ride. We had to stop a couple of times to eat and stretch our legs. It was really a fun car ride. We needed that trip so much!
I am so grateful to be a mother. That one word means so much. I am overwelmed with joy when I think to myself that I am actually a mother. Brooklyn is my daughter and someday she will be a mother. What on Earth. Weird weird and crazy but so so awesome. It still gets to me that I am a mom. I love being a mother more than any other thing in this world. Thank you to the mothers in my life, grandmothers, mother figures, friends, aunts, cousins, sisters, sister in laws, and every mom out there who has touched my life and taught me so much. I love you!

For mother's day Clarke got me a new mtn bike. I have been wanting a bike so I can ride with Brooklyn (when we get a trailer to pull her in). I haven't had a bike since I was a little kid. Anyway when I got home last Wed from work Clarke was outside with this nice looking yellow bike. He then told me Happy early Mother's day. I was so excited I jumped on like a little kid and rode it around the parking lot for a min. It was awesome I love it. Thanks babe. He bought us some helmets too, because if we are going to go mtn biking then we need helmets just in case.

For Clarke's birthday I didn't know what to get him because all the things he wants are really expensive such as a Motorcycle (which I was really seriously thinking about getting him), an air compressor which can run anywhere from $300 to $600...maybe Fathers day haha. So I got him a pair of shorts and a couple shirts and some hair jel that he needed. kinda boring if you ask me. I wish I was more creative. Oh well he loved them and didn't expect it all so that was good.
On Sat. morning we went on a bike ride more like mtn biking. It was so much fun and I realized how out of shape I am but surprised myself and was able to do it with the help and instructor Clarke my husband. We weren't sure where to go since we have never been mtn biking here but had heard that there are a ton of trails so we just decided to go up this mtn behind his parents house(on your way to Zion's nat park). Clarke has been trying to get me to go up this mtn for so long and every time I put up a huge stink about it because I'm so afraid of heights esp driving next to a cliff. So he proceeded to go up this mtn and I just sat there and let him. I was pretty proud of myself and so was Clarke. The whole way up I was getting so sick to my stomach and laughing because I was so afraid, Clarke kept saying look honey, look over there(which happen to be a beauctiful valley off of a clif) I couldn't look if I did I think I would have really thrown up. But I made it to the top. It was so awesome to get over that. IT was also an awesome trail and we had so much fun. The funy part was that when we got to the top in the bushes a little ways was this huge mobile home that had been destroyed and left there. It was crazy.
Oh and Clarke's parents gave him two tickets to this Monster truck thing and the fairgrounds. It was pretty cool. We had so much fun. But we kinda felt out of place because most people were wearing mini skirts, tank tops, smoking, and yelling at there kids for no good reason. It was terible. Can I just say that there are some weird people in this world.

Here are some pictures of the fun trip and mothers day/birthday combo.

Graduate '09

Clarke Graduated on May 2nd. It rained pretty much all day but we still made it. I was so proud of my hubby lubby...I started to cry during the commencement.
He is one smart good lookin babe. He starts Grad school on Mon May 11th.
2 more years and counting. Go baba!

Mom and Dad....his dad doesn't look to happy in this picture but don't worry he was. He is a very happy man!

Grandma Anderson

Easter '09

We spent Easter coloring Easter Eggs with my brother, sister in law and their kids and my sister in law's family. And on Sunday my dad came over. We had a yumy dinner.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 Months

Brooklyn's 4 month well visit to the Doc went pretty well on Friday, May 8th.
Thank heavens for Tyonol!

Weighing 11 pounds 9 oz(20%) and 24 1/2 in(60%).

She's a little small for her age so the doc has ordered some poly vitamin drops with iron to help her gain some weight. She just has an amazing metabolism....fine with me. I love that she is still so tiny, means shes growing up slowly. I know she is healthy and def strong so I'm not to worried.

Also Brooklyn rolled over for the first time EVER last night at Grandma and Grandpa Alder's house in St.George. It was so fun to watch. I was hoping I wouldn't miss it. I'll post pictures later.