Sunday, June 28, 2009

5 months old

I can't believe that my baby is 5 months old, soon to be 6 months. Time goes by too fast. I mean look at her 10 day old picture I miss her so little. she is so much fun now and every stage is so awesome but it is just so sad and crazy how time goes by and they grow up. In 6 months she will be year, A Year...What in the freak!

Some facts about Brooklyn at 5 months!

-starting eating solids like sweet potatoes, applesauce, carrots and rice cereal.
-sleepin through the night every night because she is full
-rolling over, mostly just to her side
-busy busy body
-grabbing everything in sight
-putting everything in her mouth
-getting her 2nd tooth
-got her first fever
-gabs all the time
-yells at me when she is tired...who knew
-getting rolls in her thighs.

We love our little Brookee cookie

up to lately

Brooklyn watching the Lawerence Welk Show very intently.
We don't really watch this show it just happened to be on and Brooklyn wanted to watch it while we made lunch...It was so cute

Sleepin together..I love this

Chillin together

Taken a little nappy in the carseat..she was a little tuckered out

This is how I found Brooklyn when I went to get her from her nap. This is nothing new. LOL

First time with some Sweet Potatoes....YUMA

Brooklyn's first time eating Sweet Potatoes. She loved them. I seriously love LOVE feeding Brooklyn. It is one of my favorite things about being a mom. She does so good and loves to eat as well. It's so cute to watch her and way exciting!

Father's Day

This year was Clarke's first Father's day. He is the best dad in the world for Brooklyn and best husband. We love you Clarke.
We gave daddy the Star Wars collection (he has been wanting it for so long), a fan for his new lap top, a grill, a few movies and some beef jerky. He was pretty surprised and loved it all. Happy Father's Day babe. We love you lots and lots. We don't know what we'd do without ya!
Happy Father's Day Daddy! Luv U

The air show..oh the things daddy lets me do.

Happy Father's day babe

Gift wrapped up all pretty

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anderson Family reunion

Be prepared for lots of pictures and a long post....sorry you don't have to read.

This year we went to St. George for our Anderson family reunion. This is Clarke's moms side of the family. We left in the rain and drove through like 3 hard rain storms. It was great because it didn't rain the whole time we were in St. George. We got there on wed evening and of course everyone said hi to Brooklyn before Clarke and I. She is most important now days. We then set up Brooklyn's bed and put her to sleep and hung out with the family. Thur we got up went for a hike it was pretty dang hot so it didn't last very long. we then went to this place by the tab where there is some what of a swimming area. it's like a small river for kids. We let Brooklyn try it out and she hated it. I think she just didn't like the cold water. She was very cute. We lost her binky and she was pretty cranky without it so our Aunt Shanna gave her some cantalope. She really liked it, she mostly just chewed on it and sucked the juice out of it. It was so fun watching her eat it. but to tell you the truth I was a little nervous. It was the first time she has had anything besides milk. They gave her watermelon too. She took a huge bite out of it and sucked out the juice and spit it out, I could not watch it freaked me out....I'm a nervous momma when it comes to that. On Friday we went to Jacob Hamblin's home in Santa Clara. It was pretty cool. It is very interesting how they used to do things. Then we went to Brigham Young's winter home in St. George. It was seriously huge. Their great room was beautiful, I wouldn't mind having a great room like theirs. His room was pretty huge too. I love the old fashioned things that he had and all the detail throughout the home. It was pretty neat how they used to paint wood to look like marble and other types of wood. It was seriously beautiful art.
that night we made some yummy food and sat around and enjoyed each others company. We came home on Sat. We were very tired and very ready to go home. We decided to stop at Cabela's for fun and for a break. We parked and notice that there was a pretty big storm coming in. I had to feed Brooklyn so we stayed in the car. The next we knew it start pouring so hard. After I feed brooklyn we wrapped her in a blaket and out on our jackets and made a run for it. We ran across the parking lot in puddles of water. Seriously the whole parking lot was full of water and we were in shorts and flip flops, it was pretty funny. I couldn't believe how hard and how much rain there was. Here are some pictures of our fun trip.

Brooklyn with her new sun glasses..doesn't she look so cute

Great Gram Anderson and Brooklyn

Brigham Young's Home

Brooklyn and Momma in front of Brigham Young's home

Family outside of Brigham Young's home

Brigham Young's Bed

Super cool and super old Sowing machine

Way old stove and very cool antiques

Old piano

one of the painted fireplaces made out of wood to look like marble in BY's home

another Marble fireplace in Pres. Brigham Young's home

The Jacob Hamblin Home

The kiddos....Clarke, me, Brooklyn, Dillon, Reagon, Addy, and Cason

Spinning wheel JH's home

Blurry family pic in JH's home (sorry)

Dining table set up Pioneer style. They used to kneel at every meal in prayer before they ate. I thought that was pretty neat

Brooklyn and Daddy

Brooklyn and Izzie. They loved each other. Brooklyn kept grabbing Izzie's face it was cute.

Grandpa Alder and Brooklyn

Aunt Shanna feeding Brooklyn cantalope

Brooklyn's first time in the cold water as you can tell she did not love it...maybe next time!

Grandma Alder and Brooklyn

Petroglyph's on the hike


Family on the hike

Friday, June 12, 2009

weight I come

So I have made this goal to work out every day but mon and wed (b/c I work 13 hours and am to tired) so far it has been AwESOmE, I do boot camp at the sports acd on tues and thur mornings and let me tell you I fregin love it but it is a challenge.. I feel a ton better and have nore energy. I have seen some results not much but my strength has def increased and I feel better about myself.I recently have been wanting to make all kinds of things such as: blankets for Brooklyn, quilts, dresses and crafts. Haven't started yet but I soon will.

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial weekend we went down to Manti. There was a Scandanavian Festival going on and we wanted to see family. There was a parade on main street that we went to in the rain, it was pretty cool, saw some strange things. On Monday Clarkes grandma Alder took us to the cemetary to visit his grandpa's grave site and other members of our family. It was pretty cool to see the history all the way back to 1830. Thanks grandma Joyce for the geneology.
Now Clarke can't really go to Manti and not go up the Mtn so of course we went. I held on for as long as I could take, which was quite awhile (I thought). It was really muddy and kinda scary. I thought we would slide backwards down the mtn so I made Clarke turn around, he was bummed but knew I was right...LOL I'm always right! JK Sorry for all the pictures enjoy!

This is a picture of some farmers herding Sheep down the street, There were ALOT of sheep. I wish I would have gotten a better pic!

This was traffic in Sardean Canyon late Monday afternoon. It was backed up starting from the top of the hill where they store the plowes to the bottom of the hill by Mauta. Glad I was on the other side of the highway!

This is my Aunt Fresia. One of my bestest friends EVER!

It got worse then this!

Brooklyn eating Banana's for the first time. She didn't seem to excited!

Some weird looking Scandanavian dude in the parade

Brooklyn enjoying the parade

Me, Grandma Alder, Aunt Jen, her little girl Alder and Brooklyn at the parade