Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial weekend we went down to Manti. There was a Scandanavian Festival going on and we wanted to see family. There was a parade on main street that we went to in the rain, it was pretty cool, saw some strange things. On Monday Clarkes grandma Alder took us to the cemetary to visit his grandpa's grave site and other members of our family. It was pretty cool to see the history all the way back to 1830. Thanks grandma Joyce for the geneology.
Now Clarke can't really go to Manti and not go up the Mtn so of course we went. I held on for as long as I could take, which was quite awhile (I thought). It was really muddy and kinda scary. I thought we would slide backwards down the mtn so I made Clarke turn around, he was bummed but knew I was right...LOL I'm always right! JK Sorry for all the pictures enjoy!

This is a picture of some farmers herding Sheep down the street, There were ALOT of sheep. I wish I would have gotten a better pic!

This was traffic in Sardean Canyon late Monday afternoon. It was backed up starting from the top of the hill where they store the plowes to the bottom of the hill by Mauta. Glad I was on the other side of the highway!

This is my Aunt Fresia. One of my bestest friends EVER!

It got worse then this!

Brooklyn eating Banana's for the first time. She didn't seem to excited!

Some weird looking Scandanavian dude in the parade

Brooklyn enjoying the parade

Me, Grandma Alder, Aunt Jen, her little girl Alder and Brooklyn at the parade