Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let is Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

It has been snowing so much lately, I'm just glad it's not twelve below anymore..holy crap that is enough to make you cry! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow ...not so much LOVE that I don't have much a husband lately. He is out in this freezing cold weather making some extra cash for his beautiful family. I must say though that we are pretty grateful for this weather. I know right, your all cursing me. We have been able to make some extra Christmas money by Clarke plowing all the time. I miss having a husband around though. I'm not used to him being gone so much. But it will be worth it.

We always LOVE the Christmas Season around here. I swear I way to many Decorations for Christmas. But whats to many eh...I LOVE all of them and will not be giving any away anytime soon. Here are some fun pictures of what Christmas looks like at our house.

So at church today Little Miss Brooklyn was playing and decided to try and put her own sock on and put her bow on her head.. So dang cute. Clarke and I were like how in the world does she know so much. She is one smart little thang. We just LOVE her so much. She also crawls, as one of my greatest friends puts it, Like one of those broken toys on Toy Story. I'll video tape it and post it later. It is freakin hilarious. Everyone always comments on it.


Brian and Jaime said...

cute decotations. sorry that you are missing clark. Brooklyn is too cute. love her.