Monday, March 30, 2009

Work day

Work today was seriously not cool. It reminded me of how great I had it back in the day when I stayed home with Brooklyn....only two months ago. I wish I could stay home with BRooklyn and take care of her, teach her things and not have to worry about the drama that goes on outside of the at work. But I'm over it now and I really do love my job just some days are definatly better then others.


Amber Kimber said...

WHAT!!!! BRIZZLE you don't enjoy working with me! You would rather be home with your baby! I am offended! No the wee baby is much cuter than I. I understand.

The Barnes Family said...

I totally agree. It's so hard being a mom and balancing work. It's hard to care about how talking behind who's back when you come home to a sweet baby. Your daughter is so cute :)