Monday, March 9, 2009

2 month well check up

Brooklyn had her 2 month check up with doc Mckenna today.
She is 9 pounds 12oz (25 percentile) and 22 inches long(15 percentile).
Still just a tiny little girly. She still fits into her newborn clothes. She had to get all of her shots today too, I felt so bad for her I almost cried. When they gave her the shots her face went bright red and purple and she screamed so loud for a min then calmed down, I seriously was about to cry but they did everything so fast and she did so good. She is one tough little girl. She was starving too, I was trying to wait to feed her after the shots so eating would calm her down and make her feel better. We also gave her some tylenol and she ate that right up. She took a 3 hour nap after she ate and is doing great. I think her thighs are a little sore because every time I change her diaper or touch them she gets mad. I'm sure they will be a little tender over the next couple of days. We sure do love her though she is the best little baby and such a joy to have in our home. We are so blessed to have her.
Here she is with mom and dad at the doc office.


The Reese Family said...

isnt it sad how fast they grow up!! They just need to stay little for a little while longer. She is adorable and I hate the dreaded shots!!