Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day

I am so grateful for my ansestors who came and settled in this land. Without them who knows where we would be. I'm grateful for the hard times they had to go through. I have been on a couple Pioneer Treks and had a slight understanding for those pioneers and their journey. What a spiritual experience those Treks really are. I loved being out there in the middle of nowhere just wondering what they must have really gone through and how they felt also what where they thinking. I would have no idea which direction to go in, everything was just desert and looked the and still does. All they had was the Lord to guide them and the Prophet and leaders, who also were lead by the Lord. How grateful I am to their dedication to the Lord and following the spirit. I love celebrating Pioneer Day. I hope I can follow the Lord more and more everyday! Unfortunately I have to work.

Happy Pioneer Day!