Thursday, July 9, 2009

The 4th of July

Sorry for all of the pictures.....

Man I am so horrible at posting things. I need to get better at this stuff. Anyway for the 4th of July we had a party like everyone else does. That's right we want to be like everyone else. I had to work that morning and afternoon. We went to the Cruise in, My favorite thing about the 4th. We go every year. We went on Fri nite with some friends who just go for the food, we love you Jamie and Brian. Brian went to every food stand that was open and ordered something. It was pretty funny. And of of course here is Clarke all excited about the cars and his increasing, by the hour, knowledge of all the cars proceeds to let Brian in in all the greatness and Brian could really careless but bless his heart just listens and really just wants more food....haha I love you babe! That night we went up to their house and watched the fireworks and had some snacks. Great seats. They live right up on the hill by Cliff side..pretty much the best to live in Cache Valley. Jealousy comes to mind! Brooklyn was asleep for the whole thing.
On sat we went with our other friends Brooke and Ethan and met up with Ty and Whitney at the parade on main. After the parade we went back to our house and had some really yummy BBQ and had lots of fireworks. It was Whitney's words 'it was pretty much amazing'. It was so much fun There were some pretty awesome cars. Pictures to come..
Brooklyn just loves Whitney and while we were at the parade Brooklyn fell asleep on Whitney's legs. It was the cutest thing ever. We even had a old lady come over and take a picture of her and told us that that was the way to watch a parade of cars. So cute.


Heather said...

You are looking so thin! You're beautiful! Love ya!