Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 Months old

Brookee is 6 MONTHS old. What in the world. That is half a year. It's tripin me out yo! She has got to be the most fun baby EvEr. We just love her so much. I seriously hategoing to work because I'd rather just spend every last min with her. It's good for us to be apart tho and for me to get out to work. (I really do love my job too)
She can sit up by herself, for the most part. Sometimes she loses her balance and tips over and face plants it, it's awesome....LOL she doesn't mind.
She resently developed some beautiful lungs that are piercing to ones ear. She uses them when she is hungry or tired and just wants to be held. She is pretty good at fallen asleep with out me rocking her all the way. She loves her bed I'm pretty sure of it. She is pretty long, not sure an exact length find out on the 21st at her 6 mon check up. Time flys! I love being a MOTHER.....might I add best job in the entire world....EVER! It does make being a mom easy when you are blessed with such a good and happy baby girl. Sometimes she looks at me like mom you are crazy and stop doing that it's old. She eats extremely well that I love it so much! She can sorta giggle but not really. we try so hard. She also has to have all the attention. If you put her on the floor and leave the room she gets mad or if there is nothing more interesting to her at the moment then your face and you aren't looking at her or talking to her she freaks. Such a drama little girl. she hates to wear her bows or maybe it's just because she'd rather suck on them then wear them. she always pulls them off and pulls them apart or just eats them. she has ruined like 3 or 4 of her bows already....thats why the cute fourth of July bow is not on her pretty little head.