Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summa summa summa school.....

I was so excited to start summer school, even though I just barely got through a long 4 months of hard work during spring semester. Was I crazy?? Yes, I think just maybe so!! Honestly I have really enjoyed my classes this summer and what I have learned. I haven't so much enjoyed turning down friends offers to join them at the pool or the park and I mostly haven't enjoyed keeping my kids locked up inside because I had to finish my homework and study for my big tests. It hasn't been as bad as it sounds though. I have probably neglected my homework more then my kids, which is a good thing, right?? Depends on how you look at it, I guess!!! I know there is nothing more important then my family and I remind myself I am doing this for them and myself. One day it will all pay off!!

My Microbiology class is finally over and I am hoping for a good grade. LOVED the class. Next week will be the last week of class for me until August 25th when Fall semester starts up. Hopefully I wont have to ever take Biology 1010 ever again.. it was OK while it lasted but it's a dang good thing it's almost over. I don't think I will go to summer school ever again, don't quote me on that though.. I may change my crazy mind someday! We miss out on so much that I miss the whole point of what summer is for. Summer is supposed to be a break from school, duh, apparently I missed the memo on that, obviously!! LOL Oh well at least I have two more classes out of the way. I only have two more semesters left and then I will have my associates degree and will be able to apply for the Nursing program, WAHOO. I am thrilled and can not wait for that day!! My stomach is turning as we speak just thinking about it, It is my DREAM!! well besides, of course being a mom, which is the BEST!!

Don't worry, even though from what you have read it seems like I have totally neglected my kids for some school work, this just isn't completely true. haha I have done quite a bit with them and have tried to keep them the most important thing insight. We have gone to the pool a few times, played outside with friends, colored with sidewalk chalk, gone for walks, gone to Bear Lake, gone to lots of parades, seen fireworks, saw LOTS of awesome cars at the Cruise in, played in the backyard, gone on some bike rides, and next weekend it is the Cache County Fair and Rodeo; My favorite summer activity. I look forward to this time of year every year. The following weekend we are headed to Bear Lake with my family for some camping and swimming, whoop whoop, can't wait!!

So even though this summer has been a summer full of momma studying in the back room, study groups, tests, watching lots of TV shows and some outside time we have had a great one and it's still not over...Hooray!! Next summer will be even better too, Can't wait!!