Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today is 1-11-11 pretty sweet..

School started yesterday and I am pretty happy about it. I am taking Math 0900 and English 2010. I had to start all over with my math since it had been over two years since i had taken a math class, oh well I suck at math and could use the refresher, I' a slow kid. Maybe this English course will help me with my writing skills, I am lacking quite a bit..But I am tired right now and being super lazy so whatev...I am actually excited to go back even though there is a LOT of work ahead of me I know I can do it and I know it will be well worth my time. I had to go to work right after school yesterday because I was filling in for someone who was sick. After my day was over and I went home I thought to myself "man I am so glad I made the decision to go PRN at work" (prn means as neededbut I only work wed, and right now I wish I didnt' even do that- I LOVE LOVE LOVE being home...but it is nice to get out and see my coworkers once and a while) There is no way I would be able to do that again-work full time and go to school with my two kids, My kids are the ones who get neglected and that is totally backwards. I just remember the stress of being at work when I wished I was at home with my family or at home working on my homework while the kids slept. and how bad I felt for leaving them and being away from them killed me..Either way I am a HOME body. I know Brookie is too because today at the doc she kept saying home, home home before the doc even came in the room. Ps Brookie is now TWO (pic and story to come later) Yeah my baby is TWO, weird. She weighs 29 Lbs and is 35 inches tall. She is such a cutie. The doc told me that he is very impressed with her and that she is above average in her speech. He said she was on the right track and doing awesome. She is the best thing ever.