Saturday, April 25, 2009

Before and After

Brooklyn and I went to the Treehouse today to meet with a Lac specialist because I was having some issues with Nursing and hopefully now it will be resolved. But while we were there we weighed Brooklyn. Once before she ate and then after she ate. Before she ate she weighed 11 lbs 8 ozs and after 11 lbs 7.5 ozs. Ummmm how does that work? Apparently this is rare but does happen in babies; Where they let out so much energy they burn the caleries or fat so fast....and I guess little miss over here has the BEST metabolism ever, which I think is great for her! She must have not been that hungry either because she didn't eat a full meal and kept freckin out when I would offer her the that is where all the energy came from!


The Reese Family said...

thats crazy! she is so cute. I hope you survived the crazy jjcole sale!! ANOTHER ONE IN OCTOBER!:)