Sunday, April 19, 2009

The role of Women

We as women have been given one of the most sacred and important roles god could ever give us. I can't believe that our heavenly father has given us the most important and vital role as woman of this gospel and in this world. We are here to of course help the men, they would be lost without us and to be honest we would be lost without them. We are here to nuture our familes help those who are sick, make dinners for those who just had a death or just had a baby etc., to babysit, to comfort, to be somebody's friend, to welcome, to be an example, to be there for those who need not just when it's convient for us but always-in other words to stand at the cross roads, to stand in holy places, to love one another, to teach, and most all to truly be the daughters of god our heavenly father has created us to be.
He has given us this responsiblity because he knows we can do it, and that we were made to do it. He created us this way.

One thing at church today that struck me was that each woman in the church has got your back. We as women also will help eachother out when we are being preseucted for our beliefs either by example or in other ways. I always knew this but one story made this real for me. This story is by exampe...This lady and her husband we just married and they went on a cruise for their honeymoon and had met another couple there. They recoginzed this couple and got to talking with them and came to the conclusion that they had been married the same day as them in the same place, the Logan Temple. There was also another couple that was sitting with them who were not memebers. The waiter had brought over some shampagne bacause they were the honeymoon table and the lady in my ward had refused like most of us would and the couple who was not memebers kept pushing and pushing and almost making fun of them because they were not drinking along with them. However the couple who had been married just two days before this had happened, in the Temple, siped on their glass of wine the waiter had pured for them so the nonmember couple would stop rediculing them. How sad that this happens. I felt so sad for this couple, they had already fallen and could not take the preseuctions. Will we do the same or will we stand in holy places at all time and in all places...haha i sound like i'm teaching a lesson.
I bring this story up because they lady in my ward stood up for what she knew was right and hopefully that couple who fell for a moment will see that example of the woman she was and next time she will be able to withstand tempation.

We are in a world filled with preseuction and disbelief yet the church still continues to grow. I realized how sheltered I really am. I had no idea that people would not talk to you just because you were a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Seriously? How dumb. I was mad and saddened that people would really treat us with such disrespect. I don't know of any other religion that is rediculed as much as ours is. And I know it's only going to get worse but the church is still TRUE and the members will prosper and the numbers will grow, it has been testified to us.

I love the quote 'Come what may..and love it' -Thomas S. Monson