Thursday, March 27, 2008



1-I love reality tv and reading Celebrity gossip in mags. Clarke thinks i'm crazy but he does watch the tv shows with me, so he has to at least kind of like them. I like to read about whats going on with the celebs. I don't depend on it or anything but it's just fun to read about. I love American Idol, The Bachlor, The Hills, Friends, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost and CSI. I know it's sad that I love all these shows but I'm not the only one and the shows are funny. If I miss a show I can watch it the next day online. It's great!

2-This is really strange but I get severe car anxiety. Ever since I was a little girl I have gotten so scared while riding in the car. I remember a time my friends mom was taking us to school it was snowing and there was lots of snow on the roads, we were sliding everywhere I was so scared I couldn't even look out the windows I covered my eyes and was panicing. It was so crazy. I've gotten a lot better over the years but I still get really nervous and scared. Clarke has helpt me a lot esp. since it drives him crazy when I help him drive and tell him what not to do while driving. I am terrified of getting into an accident. I don't trust people who go back and forth in their lane and don't pay attention.

3-Anyone who knows me knows that I am alergic to Pork, ham, bacon, pretty much anything from a pig. It is the weirdest thing to be alergic to I know. My family has always had ham on Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving as do most families and I can't eat it. It really sucks too because I love the smell of it. Most of my life I have only ate the salads, vegs and rolls, b/c thats all thats left. Good thing I love salads, vegs and rolls. People are always joking about me eating it and watching what it does to do me. I used to get really high fevers and have seizures before they found out what was wrong with me. My mom would call me the fish on the beach. I don't think it would be that bad now but you never know. I have had some on accident and I can feel a something is wrong, but it works its way out of my system and i'm fine.

4-I like to cook. Notice I said 'like' I do not love to cook. That is something that I want to develop though. I don't think of myself as a great cook by any means but that is a goal of mine. I want to be known as the mom who cooks amazing. I always thought of my mom as an Amazing cook. My only downer on cooking is when I don't have all the ingredients and have to go the store to get everything. That just makes me not want to cook any more, thats why I don't love it. I find it hard to cook for Clarke and I most of the time. I really enjoy cooking for big groups of people or whenever friends come over or when we go somewhere. I have been trying to cook different things latley and most things I don't think i'll ever cook again but it was fun trying. I can't wait until I am a stay at home mom and can go to the store and buy lots of stuff so I am always prepared. And I'll have a family to cook for. I seriously can't wait!

5-I want to be successful in life. I, more then anything want to be a good mother. I am so scared of messing up or having crazy kids because of something I did wrong. I see friends and family memebers with well behaved kids and I wonder what did they ever do right to have such good kids. I hope that I can be smart and know what to do. I really want to get a degree, whatever, whereever, or whenever I achieve it doesn't matter to me just as long as I get it.

6-I have never been able to say thing but I really love everything about my job. All the girls I work with and my Supervisor are all so awesome and we all get along and have the best time. I get paid for having a great time. I'm not saying it's prefect because we do have our bad days but I really can say that I love it. I look forward to going to work and sometimes I stay later on purpose. It's pretty funny I know but I really enjoy it. Call me crazy! :)

I tag Lindsay, Leslie, Debbie, and Tori


Tori said...

ha's hard to explain how i use the scrapbook stuff but if you get me your e-mail i'll e-mail it to you...

as far as the ortho goes, i quick working there about a year ago and do marketing for a software company... but if you go to pretty much any ortho they do consults for free...

cute blog...i loved reading your things, i will do mine soon!

Chase and Leah said...

It was fun to learn some new things about you Brienne!

The Ringer Family said...

I absolutely love reading funny facts about people and you've got some good ones! I'll have to pass along some recipes to you that I've tried lately...we've really liked 'em.