Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Trip To Some warm weather

For Spring Break this year Clarke and I went to St. George. We stayed at his parents house in La Verkin, which isn't to far from St. George. We drove around A Lot. IT was really fun. We got to see the red rocks and mtns. Our cousin Bri was down there as well with her family and her whole high school Sofball team. It was the high school softball tourn. this last weekend. It was fun to spend time with family and sight see. I got sunburned...I was so excited. On Sat. we got to go to a mini car race thing at the collage. Clarkes aunt is an EMT and they had a booth there. After the race the sponcers for the race car drivers had cooking contests and as soon as the judges were done tasting the food they let everyone there eat the rest of the food for free. There was bbq chicken, amazing beef, vegs, salads and fruit and lots more. It was a very fun time.
We came home on Sunday. The drive from La Verkin to Cedar was not fun at all. The pass through that Canyon was so scary. It was snowing so bad we couln't see anything. We got held up in a traffic jam because of a few accidents. I was really so scared. I hate driving in the snow. But from Philmore til we got home it was clear and nice. I was in a much better mood. :)
It's always sad to leave when your on vacation but it's always nice to be home again too.