Thursday, November 14, 2013

Radiate within

The most beautiful thing in this world is the love of our savior and brother Jesus Christ and our most loving heavenly father. If we only knew how much love there was to give or feel we would die of happiness I'm sure of it!! On Sunday in Gospel Doctrine we talked about the Plan of Salvation and touched mostly on the spirit world after death and what happens there and where the spirit world is. It is here on earth. How wonderful to know that our loved ones and our Heavenly Father are just a heart beat away. A gentleman in our class told of a personal story he had as a little kid. He fell down and hurt his head really bad and was unconscious for a while. He remembers looking down at himself about 3 feet above and hearing the words "it's not your time yet". He said the feelings he had are unlike anything he has ever felt here on earth and that the human body could not handle nor comprehend the greatness of the power it holds. at that moment I felt as much joy and peace my body could handle at that moment. I will never forget how I felt. I wanted it to last forever, but knew that would not be so. I do know however, that it will come back and I will be able to feel my saviors love radiate within me as long as I stay close to the Lord. He is most close to us when we pray and read our scriptures and go to the temple, our sec home on earth. I'm not the best writer and have a hard time using the right words to describe my feelings, even when I'm talking to others I have a hard time expressing my thoughts, anyone who knows me will find this to be true. My husband even adores me for it.. haha While scrolling thro facebook this morning I came across one of my dear friends postings. last night she posted a pic of Pres. Monson sitting 4 people over from her and her husband at the Jazz game in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was in awe and speechless. So her post this morning was about how after the game they were able to talk to him. Here is her post: "11-13-13. The night we met the prophet President Thomas S. Monson. Words cannot describe the overwhelming spirit I felt as the prophet walked up to me and looked into my baby's eyes, caressed her cheek, held her sweet hand and asked the name of this pretty baby-I responded in the best, most righteous voice I could muster up, a big fat "UMMM.... oh Kylee, I mean no no it's Addy." "Annie!" He replied energetically "we have lots of Annie's in our family!" Then his sweet daughter (Ann m. Dibbs) whose standing with us says "no dad, not annie it's Addy!" I pretty much cried the entire 33 seconds I stood in his presence. He is truly a man of God and he radiates light and hope and goodness. He patted Addy's hand one last time and jokingly said "yep, I'm a lady lover." as he walked away. Haha! I will never forget this amazing night-the whole experience will be blogged soon! #presidentmonson #thankyoutoadamandjanaforthetickets #unforgettablenight #itshouldalsobementionedhisdaughterwentthroughherfairshareofcokezeros #bestnightever" -Angela Bricker Just reading this I could feel that love, the radiance of the experience filled my heart and chills ran thro my whole body. I could feel the spirit and power behind this wonderful Prophet of God and his love for all people here on earth. He truly is a prophet of God and radiates gods love for all his children. How could this not be so? I felt it just by reading my beautifully wonderful sweet dear friends post. It's incredibly powerful and I don't want to go a day without feeling the love of our savoir and the love he has for everyone, esp. my children. The love I feel at times and felt this morning and feeling at this exact moment is enough to make one pass out. I almost feel like that could happen at any given moment. the spirit is real and strong and radiates in each one of us. I want to be the best I can, to live with God again!!!! I have SOOO many friends, leaders, and acquaintances that I have had throughout the years who have been and still are such amazing examples to me of what love really is and what true friendship is. I know that it is because they have the glorious spirit of their Heavenly Father radiating within their souls and in turn touches others for good!!