Friday, December 9, 2011

WoRST Blogger EVER!!!

I am the absolute WORST blogger EVER!!! When I'm in school I just get so overwelmed with the thought of documenting all our lives experiences small or big, mostly because I am SOO behind. And I already do homework 24/7 or study so it's just hard for me to sit here and write some more and think of all the fun stuff we have been up to.. I'm sure it's just pure laziness..haha I hate it..I'm trying to be better...... After school is over next week I think I plan on taking it day by day to catch up so I can be current so it wont be such an ordeal to keep track of our awesome lives.. LOL


Jill W said...

No you're not. I am! I have the time to blog, but don't. That makes me worse. :-) Maybe we should both set a goal to get caught up by January 1!