Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 years

Today is our 5th year anniversary. WOW!!! 5 years....that seem like such a long time when you say out loud, but it seems like I have been with my sweetie for forever and not just 5 years. We have done so many wonderful things in the time that we have been married. We have visited family a lot, in Manti, Richmond, St. George, Idaho, Cali, Disneyland (probably the most exciting so far haha) and we even took a crazy trip to Las Vegas for our ann last year.. it is really the only trip we have taken for an anniversary or even a honeymoon.
Man someday we will get our honeymoon trip...haha No it's ok we had fun camping at Tony's Grove up Logan Canyon for out honeymoon.. we were the only ones there. Anyway.. This year we wanted to do something super fun because it was our FIFTH anniversary.. I mean that is kind of huge, right? Well the only huge thing we will be doing this year is leaving our 6 week old baby boy with the inlaws OVERNIGHT.. haha that is pretty huge. Maybe next year we can go somewhere even more huge (is that even a word) with Clarke Graduating from Grad school and such.. and maybe just maybe I'll get in the Nursing Program..cross your fingers for me.. Ok Umm I am getting way off course here.. LOL
I want my awesome husband to know how much I have grown over these years with him by my side. He has taught me so many wonderful lessons and so many things I couldn't do without. I have become a better person, MOTHER, wife, friend, sister, and most of all a daughter of god because of you babe.
I watch you with the kids and think man I married the right person... look at how those kids just LOVE you, look at how patient and kind and funny you are with them. I'm sometimes to busy to stop and do things that you do.. but I guess that is why we have different roles.
Babe you have become such a WONDERFUL father and person yourself. You work SO SO hard for us and I am so very grateful for that.
Being married to my best friend is the best thing in the whole world. I'm so happy to be married to you for forever. You make me laugh all the time..well most of the time. You understand me and are so patient with me, you help me with school so I can understand it better and are so so patient with to wait for me to get it and that is HUGE.
I love you babe so so much You are the BEST thing that ever happened to me and I couldn't be more happy to have found you in my life. Even from the first time I met you I was so comfortable with you, every time we hung out we were never shy and it was never awkward.. we knew from the beginning.
I hope the next, how ever many years to come, are even better and we continue to share our love for one another.
LOVE YOU BABE!! So....This anniversary turned out to be one of the BEST's so far... Clarke seriously seriously surprised me with the best gift ever.. he took me on a helicopter ride.. WHAT?? I had absolutely NO idea.... He just said we are going to dinner and just kept driving I thought he was headed to Hamiltons (since it's a tradition of ours, we go ever year) since we were headed in that direction... Little did I know he had other plans up his sleeve. We ended up at the Logan airport, I have never ever been more surprised in my whole life. I still had no idea what was going on but I knew we had to be flying somewhere.. at first I thought we were flying to salt lake for dinner and sleeping over night but it was even better, we walked around the corner of the building and there was a helicopter waiting for us... I was freaking out inside I think I cried.. HELLO what kind of husband did I marry.. only the best ever!!! We flew all over logan, we went up green canyon first and flew in the mtn went over Tony's Grove nd went out thro Providence Canyon.. It was so dang cool to be above everything and see what it looked like from above esp the temple. I had the best time. After the heli ride we did go to dinner at Hamiltions. So yummy. After that we went to the store to get some goodies and headed to the anniversary Inn. We stayed in the Vegas nights room. It was way cool. since we went to Las Veas last year Clarke thought it would be a nice surprise for me, it was!! We had a great 5th year anniversary! Thank you to mom and dad Alder and Celeste for watching our kids we really appreciate it!!


Derek and Bre said...

Happy Anniversary! What a cute little family you have.