Monday, August 2, 2010

A powerful life and wonderful blessings to last a lifetime

I was able to attend a dear friend of mine, Taryn Palmer's dad, Scott Hansen's funeral this past Thursday in Pocatello, ID. It was really such a beautiful funeral. I brought my sweet little girl with me and went with a few of my other dear friends, I was able to listen to most of it and really enjoy the things that were said about Taryn's dad. He lived a very amazing and wonderful life. If only we all had a father like him. He was more then just a father though, he was a true man of god. I only met him a couple of times and each time I saw him he always seemed happy with his life and content with the moment. You could look at him and see his shining countenance, you knew at that moment that he was a GREAT guy. I just remember always feeling that way when I saw or heard stories about him. I have heard so much about him and his life through out the days that I have known Taryn and throughout this week. I was grateful that I was able to attend her sweet father's funeral and got to experience tons of emotions and feelings of such gratitude, not only for my own dear family but for the amazingly true gospel here on this earth that gives us the knowledge that not only Taryn and her sweet family but mine and yours will again meat their loved ones again. That means Taryn and her family will see their father once again. I couldn't be more in love with this gospel and more grateful to be apart of it and to have it in my life and to know that I will also be with my family for eternity someday.
Taryn's parents bishop got up and spoke he said that Taryn's family had a saying hanging in their kitchen that said BECAUSE NICE MATTERS I think is right... I couldn't agree more. makes me want to be a nicer person and be a better person, wife, mother and friend. Because of the things he said and the way I felt, If I wasn't a member I think I honestly would have asked where to sign me up for such beautiful promises and sacred teachings. He did such an amazing job with bearing of his testimony it brought me to tears I have not shed in such along time. I felt the spirit of the lord wrap his arms around me as I watched my little girl play and make lots of noise all while trying to listen all at the same time. I couldn't be more blessed to have the wonderful things in my life. I am also truly blessed to have such AMAZING FRIENDS in my life. I really don't know where I would be without them and their amazing examples throughout the years I have known them. I always look to them for strength, even if they don't always know, I am really impressed with who they are and what they stand for and what they have become. I LOVE YOU!!!

I really just wanted to say that I am grateful for my sweet husband who is so generous and NICE and everything I cherish, I am grateful for my sweet little baby girl who really isn't a baby any more. She is 19 months old and soon to be a big sister to a baby brother whom I also could not be more grateful for. It is truly a miracle to have a beautiful little life and spirit growing inside of you. To feel it's every move, and I mean EVERY move, is such an amazing experience. I have friends and people who I have met along this journey in my life who have struggled with having the opportunity to get pregnant and experience those wonderful things that can not come in any other form, that being said it makes me hold on to those experiences dearly to my heart. I am at a point now where I am ready to be done with this pregnancy but also am enjoying the fact that there is a little baby still living inside me right now who probably just met Scott Hansen and is saying hello and goodbye to loved ones, the veil is so thin and to think that I have been entrusted by our dear savior and lord to take care of one of his sweet children is one of the greatest blessings and compliments I could EVER receive.


Taryn said...

You are a sweetheart! It was great seeing you although next time we need to do it under better circumstances :) Love ya!