Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tender Loving Care

I love love LOVE holding my baby and feeding her. She just cuddles right up to me and barries her head into my chest. It's the most precious thing in the whole world; To smell the top of her head, give her sweet kisses, make her smile. I feel so bad and kinda sad when i have to put her down after she has fallen alseep, I just want to hold her all the time. Lately she has gone down for a nap and then like a half an hour later she wakes up crying. So I go see whats up, give her her benky and she clams right down. Sometimes tho she just wants her mommy to hold her. But i don't always pick her up or run to her at every cry. I usually let her cry for a while to see if she will just go back to sleep, which sometimes she does.

The other day Clarke was playing with her lips and making litle nosies at her and she responded by trying to make the exact same nosies. it was the cutest thing in the world, oh my gosh she is so smart and strong. I can't belive it. I love her so much.

I was thinkin about going back to work the other day and I got so depressed because the thought of someone else feeding my baby and taking care of her just makes me so sad. I don't know how I will do it or who will watch her for that matter. So if there are any vollenteers please let me know, it will make my life a little less strssfull! Thanks!


roper said...

I know the feeling, going back to work sucks! She is beautiful.

Stephen & Jill Williams said...

Hi Bri! You're doing great. She's so sweet! I'd be happy to take care of her, but you'd probably want me only as a last resort, since I don't have any special training. But I'd promise to give her lots of love!