Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I hope that everyone had a great V-Day.
We had an amazing Valentines Day! Clarke asked me to be home at around 7pm because he was going to have something special planned. When I got home He had set the table all nice and candle lit. It was so awesome. I knew how much he loved me and I felt how much I really loved him too. I seriously fall more in love with him everyday! He had picked up Olive Garden (my fav. restrurant) and served it to me. It was so nice. Then he gave me a dozen white roses, a williow tree figure...the Together one, and a journal. It was so thoughtful of him. I had just mentioned that I wanted to start collecting the willow Tree figures and he remembered. I gave him a Fox zip up hoodie that he had wanted forever. I was so impressed that he and I had been so thoughtful of each other.


The Ashcroft's said...

Thanks for the comment. You are so cute. I definitely want to do dinner sometime. I like the new blog layout a lot. You and Clarke are so thoughtful. Sounds like you had a better V Day than me. I'm sorry about the job. Things do work out and I'm glad you picked up some more hours. Love ya Bri

Anonymous said...

I quite like your blog! What a sweet V-day you had! That's one of our fav things to do (Take out olive garden). It is easier to do with two little boys:)!

Brad. Lindsay. Logan. Jules. said...

I don't think I mentioned that I really like the new layout. It's way cute. Also I love your new Hutch thing. And I can't wait until I get my magnet board. -Linds

Tori said...

Hey cute blog! This is Tori Andersen...we gave you some wonderful couches!! It's fun to read what you guys are up to, I can't believe I haven't ran into either of you in awhile... hope things are going well!