Sunday, February 28, 2010

A new addition

Most of you know already but some of you who don't facebook or talk to me much don't know But Brooklyn is going to be a BIG sister. Yup that is right we are expecting. I am due Aug 13th. So I am about 16 weeks along. Great news is that I can still fit into my pants..but I seem to be getting more and more fat. My belly is in that in between stage and that may be why I don't feel so pretty these days. At least Clarke tells me everyday that I am gorgeous.. that makes my day. I had heard that one your second pregnancy you show a lot soonier then you did the first time and I can honestly say I believe that is 100% true.
We are mostly excited but very very nervous since we will both still be in school and working full time. What in the world do you do with two kids in daycare and work, school and all the rest of the stuff in this hectic but awesome life. We are struggling with the idea of me quitting my job and living off of our savings and student loans or me trying to find a night job.
I can't help but feel a sense of gratitude for this wonderful baby who is growing inside of me. It has been a huge roller coaster for the last couple of months just trying to get the grasp of it all. There are so many of my friends who are struggling with trying to get pregnant right now and here I am "struggling" with the fact that I am pregnant and wondering how I will do it all. That sounds a little selfish. I know that heavenly father has a plan for all of us and knows what is best for us and when the right time is for our family to come to us on this earth and join us. I am so grateful that I can get pregnant and give birth and raise a family of my own. There is no better calling then that of a Mother.
Here is an ultra sound picture for your viewing pleasure.

a new me...

So I really really needed a hair trim but instead of just getting a trim I got a whole new look. I had them cut off 13 inches...what the, are you for real? That is a ton of hair. I honestly wasn't really even that sad after I actually really liked it. I knew it would grow back and I even thought of going shorter and might in the near future, but one step at a time. I really want to get it highlighted to, I think it could use some more style to it or color, something. It is much easier to style, only thing is sometimes I feel like a little girl and not so pretty. Lately I have been feeling a little down in the dumps because I don't feel pretty, I'm sure it's just a phase.. anyway blah blah LOL here are the before and after pictures.



13 months old...well like 3 weeks ago.

We got her this new toy, it is a magnet toy that makes animal sounds and calls out what the animal is. She played with it at my friend Kassandra's house and she said it was really effective so I thought I'd better get Brookie her own and she loves it.

Miss happy pants

What a cute little girl we have... Who just LOVES to shop with mom and dad

Loves to drag the hand towels all over the house

got a new toy.. thanks aunty Shan

just chillin with my grandma Alder

I am so cool, just look at me..

Learning to walk with my cool walker.. thanks Jill

I love my buddy Porter

I love to go out to eat with mom and dad esp at Texas Road House...My fav

So happy and jsut can't stand it on my very first birthday

Just one happy little lady

look at my mo stash

I think this bear is a little to big for me mom but I love it anyway

just ate a lemon

Brooklyn is now 13 months old. She is learning so much we are just amazed at how smart she really is. She is picking up on so much.
Here are a few things she has been up to.

~she says binki
~says blankey
~says tanks (thanks)
~says ese (please)
~says hi and hey
~says ugh oh
~says arff arff (ruff) when you ask what a puppy/dog says, and every time she sees a puppy/dog. so cute
~still calls me dadda or nanna
~eats whole fruit snacks...i know right "whole" well I have been super nervous for a long time to give her these and Clarke just gave her a whole one once and she didn't choke on it, thankfully. Like I have said before she is such a good little eater and has only choked a couple of times...which i am super grateful for.
~blabs on about who knows what and waits for a response also so super cute...
~totally done with bottles and warm milk. She drinks from sippy cups now and through straws.
~LOVES to read
and the best one of all is she has finally learned to walk.. yes walk. It is so fun to watch her take off and get around knowing I don't have to haul her everywhere we go.
~she has started her awesome tantrums. Mostly it's just because she wants to get down and walk when we are in a store or somewhere where she just gets into everything, and there is no talking it through...she is only 13 months what should I expect, really. Good luck to us on the drama.
~she really is a very good little girl for the most part. We can't get enough of her and are so amazed at all the things she does each day. I am really starting to get a lot more sad when I go to work because that means leaving her with the babysitter, whom we all love so much, it's just I would rather spend my day playing and reading stories to my sweet little girl. The sad thing is is that on my days off I have to do homework so I feel even worse for neglecting her...I try to do my homework while she is taking her naps but it's just not enough time most of the time. Oh well we get through it and we all survive. Here are some fun pictures over the last couple of months.
~so for your info the reason she has no really cute bows on her cute head is because the little kid wont keep them on. She pulls them off first thing. It's so annoying because they are so cute on her. any suggestions on how to keep them on?

Brooklyn LOVES her new car seat and facing forward in the car. She was screaming and laughing in the back seat the whole trip around town for her first ride.
p.s. when we took her out of the seat here she started to cry she wanted to get back up in was just awesome.. cute little bug

First time eating spaghetti by herself
mom I'm eating, really do you have to take a picture of my nasty face..

drinking chocolate milk and loving it

every chance she gets she will play with the computer. She loves to play with this thing and pick at all the buttons. she is a picker, (we always find her picking off the white balls on the couch) Hilarious.